International Farmers' Organization for Sustainable Development

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IFOSuD’s farm is a groundbreaking project; we have high hopes that this farm will provide an income to sustain IFOSuD’s staff and operations. It will be manned by IFOSuD beneficiaries to assist their technical training as well as IFOSuD staff. The produce will be sold to local grocers and beneficiaries at a reasonable cost to improve the economy and aid our beneficiaries as they begin their own crops.

Beyond financial needs, this project cannot succeed without your prayers. Weather in Haiti is unpredictable and can be malicious to crops. Please, pray for God’s hand of protection over this plot and those who tend it. This farm is already producing; unfortunately, our irrigation tank has cracked in half and needs to be repaired. Irrigation is vital during the dry months! We would really appreciate your prayerful consideration for this cause.
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