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Graduation Gowns

Graduation Gowns

Graduation was an incredible celebration that occurred on March 17th of this year. Our beneficiaries were honored for their hard work, dedication, and growth with a coveted diploma. Nearly 300 people gathered to witness their friends, family, and community members receiving recognition for their training. And many of those gathered were believers who came to worship the God who makes all things possible. 

Some supporters don't understand why we would be raising money for graduation gowns when graduation has already happened this year and when we seemed to be able to get gowns for everyone at the ceremony. The trouble is, we had to rent those gowns (which weren't cheap!) and were unable to get matching gowns for all of the graduates. It may not seem like a big deal to have gowns at all, but in Haiti, your attire is very specific at all times and indicates your social standing. 

For these reasons, our goal is to purchase our own gowns. That way, we save money because we don't have to rent gowns each year, we can make money because we can rent them out to others in Haiti throughout the year, and we can instill even more pride in our beneficiaries as they walk across that stage to get their diplomas. 

Would you consider donating today? It's $20.00 per gown, so you can even know exactly how many gowns you are providing when you give! 

As always, we thank you for being dedicated supporters of IFOSuD; we thank God for you!


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