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Future Farmers of Haiti

Future Farmers of Haiti

For the last year and a half, John and Josue have been working on implementing a Future Farmers of Haiti program within the schools of Haiti.  The program is slated to begin on the first day of the new school year in Haiti.  A grant has been secured to help fund the program.  

IFOSuD has been working with 6 different schools in Leogane.  Each school will have 50 kids in the 4th grade who will be enrolled in the program to start.  Josue has also been busy hiring and training staff for this project.  John has been securing seed and trees that the students will be planting.

We are very excited because FFH is a full circle of impact.  Farmer John’s will be partnering with IFOSuD to create a market for the products the students produce.  Having a guaranteed market will help the students earn money and feed the fellow students.

This is an incredible opportunity to reach the youth of Haiti with the Gospel message while also training them in leadership and ag.  Please pray for the youth and staff as this project begins.  We pray that this program becomes a model for evangelism and ag education around the country.

To view a quick video explaining the purpose and mission of FFH from John Draxton, click here!

Or check out our October 2020 newsletter with the most recent updates on the progress of FFH on our news page!

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